Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 48-2022




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1.     Implicit hybrid block methods for solving second, third and fourth orders ordinary differential equations directly

2.     Modules with quasi-continuous submodules

3.     Dual hesitant fuzzy Bonferroni means and its applications in decision-making

4.     Gumbel-exponential distribution

5.     Optimality criterion for three proposed methods to unbalansed transportation models

6.     A matrix expansion solution for a hyperbolic system of time-fractional PDEs with variable coefficients

7.     Near BE-semigroups

8.     Deformation problem for a double porous viscoelastic medium using state space approach

9.     Models and theories for the choice of teaching strategies in mathematics

10.  The projective character tables of the maximal subgroups of $M_{22}$  and its automorphism group $M_{22}{:}2$

11.  One point paracompactification (metacompatification)

12.  On property $(a\omega)$ and hypercyclic/supercyclic operators

13.  Coefficient  estimates for new subclass of pseudo-type meromorphic bi-univalent functions

14.  Transmuted shanker distribution: properties and applications

15.  Harmonic meromorphic starlike functions of complex order involving Mittag-Leffler operator

16.  On time delay velocity feedback control of the composite cantilever beam model subjected to multi-excitation forces

17.  Fekete-Szeg\"{o} inequality for analytic and bi-univalent functions subordinate to Horadam polynomials

18.  On the nullity of Nijenhuis torsion of a vector valued $1$-form

19.  Orthogonality preserving maps on $B(H)$

20.  Signed product cordial labeling of corona product between paths and second power of fan graphs

21.  A study on Pythagorean fuzzy soft topological spaces and continuous mappings

22.  Matrix methods for the up and down Steenrod squares

23.  The cycle-complete graph Ramsey numbers $R(C_7,K_9)$ and $R(C_8,K_9)$

24.  A bi-endomorphism induces a new type of derivations on B-algebras

25.  Some results on finite soluble groups and $p$-supersoluble groups

26.  Some separation axioms on topological $B$-algebra and the quotient $B$-topological space

27.  Erratum to: On some $(p,q)$-$\varphi $ relative Gol'dberg type and $(p,q)$-$\varphi $ relative Gol'dberg  weak type based growth properties of entire functions of several complex variables (Ital. J. Pure Appl. Math. N. 44-2020, 403-414)

28.  $( p,q)$-order and $( p,q)$-lower order of entire functions of several complex variables on the basis of central index

29.  Hypothesis test of sample mean of random intervals and comparing between methods based on Hausdorff distance and the maximum likelihood ratio

30.  Decomposition of continuity via bioperation associated with new sets

31.  Hyper $BN$-algebras: hyperstructure theory applied to $BN$-algebras

32.  Almost $\omega$-continuous functions in bitopological spaces

33.  Lower bound for the index of convergence of the singular integral in a multidimensional analogue of Tarry's problem

34.  Certain efficient techniques to solve the unreported cases of $2019-$n$CoV$ epidemic model

35.  Smarandache pseudo-CI algebras

36.  Dynamical modelling of Kaziranga wildlife ecology

37.  Solving the fuzzy assignment problems via utilizing branch and bound algorithm-practically treated

38.  Optimal investment of DC pension plan based on a weighted utility

39.  On the multivariate extension of an increasing, form order-modular on a continuous 0-lattice

40.  Computation of edge-based topological indices for zero divisor graphs of commutative rings

41.  An algorithm to solve multi-objective assignment problem by using discrete PSO decomposition

42.  An extended outranking approach for multi attribute group decision making problems with intuitionistic fuzzy data

43.  Contragredient hom-Lie superalgebras

44.  Geometric study on modified Koebe functions imposed by confluent hypergeometric functions

45.  Interval valued vague ideals in $\Gamma$-nearrings

46.  A graph modelling to measure  the frustration index in signed networks

47.  A note on rigid rings

48.  Investigation the order elements 3 in certain twisted groups of lie type

49.  Bayes estimation of Lomax parameters under different loss functions using Lindley's approximation

50.  Cusa-Huygens type inequality and a correction for generalized trigonometric functions

51.  Numerical integration by using polynomial $ P_{5}(x)$ of Newton-Gregory forward interpolation formula

52.  Every planar graph without 4-cycles and 6-cycles is (2,9)-colorable

53.  Study of generalised solutions for piezoelectric material with long memory and damage

54.  Upshots of cataclysmic chemical reaction and thermophoresis on hydromagnetic flow past an inclined plate

55.  $L^p$-boundedness of fractional maximal operator

56.  A-contractions relative to a weak distance

57.  Isomorphic properties of neighborly irregular cubic graph

58.  Fixed point theorem for non-self mappings satisfying generalized contraction condition of integral type in metrically convex spaces

59.  Finite groups whose character degrees are products of at most three prime numbers

60.  Some characterization of rarely $\omega$-continuous   functions

61.  Fuzzy structures in hyper GR-algebras

62.  Product of TBCH-algebras and TBCH-algebras involving ideals

63.  Weakly semi $\omega$-continuous functions

64.  $C^*$-convex sets generated by $C^*$-convex maps in $*$-rings and  their $C^*$-faces

65.  Cubic fuzzy $\beta-$ideals of  $\beta-$algebras}

66.  Ulam stability of linear difference equations with initial conditions

67.  Some differential subordinations and fuzzy differential subordinations using generalized integral operator

68.  Extensions of $e$-reversible rings

69.  Partial domination in prisms of graphs

70.  Harmonization of some fuzzy subgroups

71.  Analysis of the dynamics of rabies in North Shewa, Ethiopia

72.  Stability analysis and modeling the dynamics of Hepatitis B with vaccination compartment

73.  sgp-resolvable and sgp-irresolvable spaces

74.  Continuous mappings in soft lattice topological spaces

75.  Topologizing a hyper BCI-algebra using its hyper-order

76.  A penalty-free algorithm for solving nonlinear equality constrained optimization

77.  Separation axioms in intuitionistic topological spaces

78.  New remarks regarding positive implicative BCK-algebras

79.  Geometry of warped product pseudo slant submanifolds in a nearly quasi-Sasakian manifold

80.  Decision making application based on parameterization of fuzzy hypersoft set with fuzzy setting

81.  Applications of Fibonacci matrix to characterize some Banach spaces through weakly unconditional Cauchy series

82.  Fuzzy (left)topological $\beta$-algebras

83.  Numerical approximation of  vorticity transport equation using implicit-Euler finite difference scheme

84.  On some well covered graphs

85.  An application of improved method of fuzzy matrix composition in medical diagnosis

86.  Certain fixed point theorems on partial metric spaces

87.  Frames and topological spaces in {MSet}

88.  Some results on the total graph of a commutative ring

89.  Photothermoelastic deformation in dual phase lag model due to concentrated inclined load

90.  Schur power convex functions with applications to a class of conditional inequalities

91.  Multi-monad graph

92.  Fixed point results in a complex-valued generalized  $G_b$-metric space

93.  Inverse int-fuzzy soft (left, right) ideals over semigroups

94.  Ordered almost ideals and fuzzy ordered almost ideals in ordered semigroups

95.  Synchronization of chaotic systems via periodically piecewise feedback control

96.  Wrapped Aradhana distribution

97.  Matrices of infinite dimensions and their applications

98.  New conformable fractional HPT for solving systems of linear and nonlinear conformable fractional PDEs