Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 49-2023




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1.      Novel properties of neighbourly edge irregular interval-valued neutrosophic graphs

2.      Strongly regular relation and $n$-Bell groups derived from it

3.      Applications of extended Hadamard $K$-fractional integral

4.      Convergence of a modified PRP conjugate gradient method with a new formula of step-size

5.      Nonexistence of global solutions of some nonlinear ultra-parabolic equations on the Heisenberg group

6.      Neural dynamic optimization algorithm based on event triggered algorithm and its application

7.      A note on extended Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta function

8.      Global stability analysis and persistence for an ecological food web-model

9.      On bi-univalent functions involving Srivastava-Attiya operator

10.   On a complex Matsumoto space

11.   On closedness of rectangular bands and left[right] normal bands

12.   Junction interface conditions for asymptotic gradient full-observer in Hilbert space

13.   Fixed point theorems for monotone mappings on partial $M^*$-metric spaces

14.   Certain classes of meromorphic functions by using the linear operator

15.   The total graph of a commutative ring with respect to multiplication

16.   On nonsolvability of exponential Diophantine equations via transformation to elliptic curves

17.   A nonmonotone damped Gauss-Newton method   for  nonlinear complementarity problems

18.   $e$-semicommutative modules

19.   The quasi frame and equations of non-lightlike curves in Minkowski  $\mathbb{E}_{1}^{3}$ and $\mathbb{E}_{1}^{4}$

20.   Upper and lower estimates for products of two hyperbolic $p$-convex functions

21.   Chaotic dynamics of the Duffing-Holms model with external excitation

22.   Strongly $m$-system and strongly primary ideals in posets

23.   Bivariate extension of $\lambda$-hybrid type operators

24.   Topological approaches for generalized multi-granulation rough sets with applications

25.   On the oscillatory behavior of a class of fourth order nonlinear damped delay differential equations with distributed deviating arguments

26.   The shortest path problem on chola period built temples with Dijkstra's algorithm in intuitionistic triangular neutrosophic fuzzy graph

27.   Invariant approximation property under group passes to extensions with a finite quotient

28.   Error estimates of two-grid method for second-order nonlinear hyperbolic equation

29.   Approximation properties of $(p,q)$ bivariate Sz\'{a}sz Beta type operators

30.   Common fixed point theorems for four self maps satisfying generalized $(\psi,\phi)$-weak contraction in metric space

31.   Non-cancellation group of a direct product

32.   On the semiring variety generated by $B^{0},(B^{0})^{\ast},N_{2},T_{2},Z_{2},W_{2}$

33.   Fixed point theorem for $(\phi, F)$-contraction on $C^{\ast}$-algebra valued partial metric spaces

34.   The structure of $(\theta_1, \theta_2)$-isoclinism classes of groups

35.   Hyper BCK-hashing algorithm: employing encoding system based on logical algebra in enhancing the secure hash algorithms

36.   A note on $b$-generalized derivations in rings with involution

37.   Quasi-metric hyper dynamical systems

38.   Efficient block approach for the numerical integration of higher-order ordinary differential equations with initial values

39.   On a class of Lorentzian paracontact metric manifolds

40.   Roughness of soft sets  over a semigroup

41.   On the primary-like dimension of modules

42.   A characterization of  PSL$(4,p^2)$ by  some character degree

43.   Separation coordinates in a Hamiltonian quartic system

44.   A mathematical model of COVID-19 transmission dynamics with treatment and quarantine

45.   Ruled hypersurfaces in nonflat complex space forms satisfying Fischer-Marsden equation

46.   A unified generalization and refinement of Hermite-Hadamard-type and Simpson-type inequalities via $s$-convex functions

47.   Oscillation criteria of fractional damped differential equations

48.   Hedges in quasi-pseudo-$MV$ algebras

49.   Congruence-free restriction semigroups

50.   A new single step hybrid block algorithm for solving fourth order ordinary differential equations directly

51.   Acceptance sampling plans for truncated lifetime tests under two-parameter Pranav distribution

52.   Inequalities of DVT-type-the one-dimensional case continued

53.   Prime-valent one-regular graphs of order $20p$

54.   Units of a class of finite  rings of characteristic $p^3$

55.   Solvability in fuzzy multigroup context

56.   Total edge irregularity strength and edge irregular reflexive labeling  for  calendula graph

57.   An efficient optimal fourth-order iterative method for scalar equations

58.   A study on Riesz $I$-convergence in intuitionistic fuzzy normed spaces

59.   On lacunary statistical convergence of difference sequences

60.   On finite groups with $s$-weakly normal subgroups

61.   On a maximal subgroup $ \overline{G}=5^{4}{:}((3 {\times} 2L_{2}(25)){:}2_{2}) $ of the Monster $\mathbb{M}$

62.   A note on $(I,J)$-$e$-continuous and $(I,J)$-$e^{*}$-continuous functions

63.   Extended GE-filters in weak eGE-algebras

64.   A study on intuitionistic fuzzy topological operators

65.   Normal structure and the modulus of weak uniform rotundity in Banach spaces

66.   A note on the $p$-length of a $p$-soluble group