Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 47-2022




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1.     Quadratic residues and squares of the ring of dual numbers modulo $n$

2.     Predicting Jordanian's GDP based on ARIMA modelling

3.     Oscillation of fractional Emden-Fowler type neutral vector partial differential equations with mixed nonlinearities and deviating arguments

4.     Numerical solution of nonlinear time-fractional Cable equation by finite volume element method

5.     Coefficient estimates for subclasses $B_{\Sigma}^{m}(\alpha,\lambda)$ and $B_{\Sigma}^{m}(\beta,\lambda)$ of analytic and bi-univalent functions defined by a differential operator

6.     SDA-COVID-19: Social Distancing App for COVID-19 track and control

7.     On  quaternion algebras that split over  specific  quadratic number fields

8.     An hybrid block method for direct integration of first, second and third order IVPs

9.     Ordinary differential equations of the probability functions of the Benktander kind II distribution with $ b=1$ and its properties

10.  Hadamard product of meromorphic multivalent functions with positive coefficient

11.  A mathematical approach for linking/integrating management plans: Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) as a case study

12.  Share price forecast: using ARIMA model special study on Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)

13.  Internal audit practices consistency with international internal auditing standards for entities with government contributions

14.  On binary block codes associated to UP-algebras

15.  Behaviour of motion of infinitesimal variable mass oblate body in the generalized perturbed circular restricted three-body problem

16.  Soft ii-mappings in soft topological spaces

17.  Comparison of two types of rough approximation via grill

18.  Modelling the impact of interventions against malaria-schistosomiasis co-infection dynamics

19.  The total game chromatic number of paths, cycles and stars

20.  $(p,q)$-$\varphi $ relative Gol'dberg order and $(p,q)$-$\varphi $ relative Gol'dberg type oriented certain growth properties of entire functions of several complex variables

21.  Generalized relative order $(\alpha ,\beta )$ and generalized relative type $(\alpha ,\beta )$ oriented some growth analysis of composite analytic functions in the unit disc

22.  Generalized relative order $(\alpha ,\beta)$ and generalized relative type $(\alpha ,\beta) $ oriented some growth properties of composite entire and meromorphic functions

23.  On some class of degenerate elliptic equations with $L^1(\Omega)$ coefficients in $P(X)$-Sobolev spaces

24.  Time optimizing of fractal image compression using the Scatter search algorithm

25.  Optimum solution of time fractional coupled system of partial differential equations

26.  Weakly $\omega$-continuous functions in bitopological spaces

27.  $\omega^*$-topology

28.  Analysis of chaos dynamics of emotions in employment relation model

29.  CANOPY, COBWEB, DBSCAN clustering data mining techniques: study and analysis

30.  Coupled fixed point theorem in quasi metric space

31.  Hybrid of shifted Legendre and rational Legendre spectral methods on a semi-infinite interval

32.  A study on the fuzzy dynamical systems by using of dynamical relations

33.  Dynamically defined topological entropy of co-compact open covers

34.  CLR property in Menger spaces and related common fixed point theorems

35.  Fractional Bessel differential equation and fractional Bessel functions

36.  On a Diophantine inequality with different powers of primes

37.  On the edge version of topological indices for certain networks

38.  Some results on uniqueness of certain types of difference polynomials

39.  Solving oscillation problems using optimized integrator method

40.  On supra $\widehat{\omega}_{p}$-Lindel\"{o}f spaces

41.  Inverse one-dimensional wave equation problem under upper-base as additional information

42.  Properties of weakly 2-absorbing primal ideals

43.  Relative relation matrix based  approaches for updating approximations in neighborhood multigranulation rough sets

44.  Symmetry classification and solutions for Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto system

45.  A unified inequality of differential polynomials related to small functions

46.  On refined Young's inequality

47.  On classes of Janowski functions associated with a conic domain

48.  2D MA parameters identification using higher-order spatial cumulants

49.  Study on Kenmotsu manifolds admitting generalized Tanaka-Webster connection

50.  The basis of knowledge space via Boolean matrix

51.  Coincidence and fixed point results for $(\Psi,L)$-$M$-weak contraction mapping on $Mb$-metric spaces

52.  Ricci soliton on Sasakian manifolds admitting Zamkovoy connection

53.  Comparative numerical study of time fractional coupled Korteweg-de Vries equation

54.  On properties of composites and monoid domains

55.  Some new Hermite-Hadamard Fej\'{e}r type inequalities for functions whose second-order mixed derivatives are coordinated preinvex

56.  Cocycles over top spaces

57.  The inverse exponential Rayleigh distribution and related concepts

58.  Resolving sets in graphs

59.  Biharmonic classification of infinite graphs: Bi-networks and Poisson networks

60.  Bach tensor on $N(\kappa)$-paracontact metric 3-manifolds

61.  A note on Einstein-like $\epsilon$-$LP$-Sasakian manifolds

62.  Magic circles cryptosystem

63.  Finite groups with $2pqr^{2}$ elements of maximal order

64.  Towards the supercharacter theory of the dicyclic group

65.  Some random iteration processes in modular function space

66.  Power gamma extending modules

67.  Grading and filtrations of gamma rings

68.  Study of different degrees based on various operations on fuzzy soft graphs

69.  On K$\alpha$c-spaces

70.  A generalized BL-ring

71.  Fredholm criteria for a class of regular hypoelliptic operators in multianisotropic spaces in \(\mathbb{R}^n\)

72.  Strong block-block domination of a graph

73.  Composition of Abel-Grassmann's strong root of band

74.  On periodic solutions of Mackey-Glass hematopoiesis model via concave and increasing operator

75.  Two equations in unequal powers of primes and powers of 2

76.  A new  characterization of sporadic groups

77.  A new secant type method for solving one variable functions

78.  An open problem on Tarski associative NET-groupoids and GTA-NET-groupoids

79.  On the solutions of the Diophantine equation $M^x + (M-1)^y=z^2$

80.  Numerical solution of electromagnetic problem in horizontal porous medium

81.  Finslerian hypersurfaces of a Finsler space with special $(\alpha, \beta)$-metric

82.  A note on conjugacy degrees of a finite group

83.  Stability aspects  for linear Hamiltonian systems and its applications in the three body problem

84.  The Gel’fand spaces of discrete Beurling algebras on Z^2+ and Z^2