Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 44-2020




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1.     Two-level secret sharing schemes based on reverse super edge magic labelings

2.     Edge maximal $W_{7}$-free graphs

3.     On Lie ideals of inverse semirings

4.     Modification of conformable fractional derivative with classical properties

5.     Properties of $\gamma$-$P_S$-$R_0$ and $\gamma$-$P_S$-$R_1$ spaces

6.     Synchronization of two three-species food chain system with Beddington-DeAngelis functional response using active controllers based on the Lyapunov function

7.     The complexity of the graph access structures on seven participants

8.     The convergence of the solutions of a system of max-type difference equations of higher order

9.     $\Delta^{*}(\mathcal{H})$ operators and the hyperinvariant subspace problem

10.  Reconstructing the diffusion coefficient in fractional diffusion equations

11.  Structures in a differentiable manifold and their applications to the tangent bundle

12.  Warped product submanifolds of a generalized Sasakian space form admitting nearly cosymplectic structure

13.  Structures on Galois connections

14.  On exact sequences of the rigid fibrations

15.  On norm inequalities and orthogonality of commutators of derivations

16.  A fully fuzzy DEA approach for network cost efficiency measurement based on ranking functions

17.  Numerical solution of nonlinear oscillatory differential equations using  shifted second kind Chebyshev wavelet method

18.  Compactness of topological spaces with grills

19.  Free commutative $B$-algebras

20.  Associativity of max-min composition of three fuzzy relations

21.  On centralizers and multiplicative generalized derivations of semiprime ring

22.  Some fixed points theorems in intuitionistic Menger spaces

23.  Nowhere-zero $3$-flows in $4$-connected simple graphs with independence number 3

24.  Modal operators on equality algebras

25.  Metric projection in countably seminormed spaces

26.  Investigation of simulated annealing components to solve the university course timetabling problem

27.  Solvability for continuous classical optimal control associated with triple hyperbolic boundary value problem

28.  Residual power series technique for solving Fokker-Planck equation

29.  Fixed point results in $\alpha-\eta$-complete metric spaces via $w$-distances

30.  New independent paracompact spaces

31.  On a maximal subgroup of the Conway group $Co_{3}$

32.  Minimal left ideals in semirings

33.  Minimal left ideals in some endomorphism semirings of semilattices

34.  On some $(p,q)$-$\varphi $ relative Gol'dberg type and $(p,q)$-$\varphi $ relative Gol'dberg weak type based growth properties of entire functions of several complex variables

35.  A note on relative $\varphi$-order and relative $\varphi$-lower order of entire functions of several complex variables

36.  On drift parameter estimation for mean-reversion type nonlinear nonhomogeneous stochastic differential equations

37.  A hybrid DESA-MOLP method for finding most preferred solution

38.  Prime-valent one-regular graphs of order $8p$

39.  Prime-valent one-regular graphs of order $16p$

40.  Visualization of cordial graph in human excretion track

41.  Stochastic optimal control model practices in development, finance and the industrial production

42.  Orbit-maximal green sequences and general-maximal green sequences

43.  Integral inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard type for ${(\alpha,s)}$-convex and ${(\alpha,s,m)}$-convex functions

44.  Robust non-negative matrix factorization for subspace learning

45.  Convolution conditions for $q$-Sakaguchi-Janowski type functions

46.  Characterization of $1$-uniform dcsl graphs and learning graphs

47.  Solutions of nonlinear equations to describe physical models in plasma

48.  Integral inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard type for extended ${(s,m)}$-GA-${\varepsilon}$-convex functions

49.  On Nc-continuous functions

50.  More accurate Young, Heinz-Heron mean and Heinz inequalities for scalar and matrix

51.  Polynomial form fuzzy numbers and their application in linear programming with fuzzy variables

52.  Certain types of functions by using supra $\hat\omega$-open sets

53.  Hesitant fuzzy soft sets over UP-algebras by means of anti-type

54.  Nonexistence results of global solutions for fractional order integral equations and systems

55.  Further properties of Hurwitz series rings and Hurwitz polynomials rings

56.  On the power of simulation map for almost $\mathbb{Z}-$ contraction in $\mathcal{G}$-metric space with applications to the solution of the integral equation

57.  A note on dimensions in N-groups

58.  Different characterizations of a game-theoretical solution and its application on sports management

59.  Asymptotic behavior of conformable fractional impulsive  partial differential equations

60.  On Roman domination stability in some simple graphs

61.  Ordered hypervector spaces

62.  Duality of $St$-closed submodules and semi-extending modules

63.  Computation of edge metric dimension of barycentric subdivision of Cayley graphs

64.  Ordered LA-groups and ideals in ordered LA-semigroups

65.  Ideals in LA-rings

66.  Fuzzy bi-ideals in LA-rings

67.  Characterizations of new open and closed mappings in topological spaces

68.  New separation axioms in binary soft topological spaces

69.  On the $(2+2)$-Einstein warped product manifolds with $f$-curvature-base

70.  Boundedness in a nonlinear gradient chemotaxis model with logistic source

71.  Laplace transform of the product of two functions

72.  Numerical blow-up time and growth rate of a reaction-diffusion equation

73.  Edge-to-vertex and edge-to-edge $D$-distances

74.  Hyers-Ulam stability of second order difference equations

75.  Schur convexity of the dual form of complete symmetric function involving exponent parameter

76.  Testing the equality of two covariance matrices for non-normal high-dimensional data

77.  Some common fixed point theorems for four maps in fuzzy metric-like spaces using $\alpha$-$\phi$ and $\beta$-$\varphi$-fuzzy contractions

78.  On orbit reflexive tuple of operators and weak orbit reflexivity

79.  Numerical solution of fractional order differential equation with different methods

80.  Secure communication applications of the Chinese remainder theorem

81.  Ideal theory on bounded semihoops

82.  Design of university fixed assets file management system and its security mechanism

83.  The maximal hyperrings of quotients

84.  Study on the optimization selection of cross-border E-commerce logistics distribution path under the O2O mode

85.  Falling fuzzy hyper deductive systems of hyper residuated lattices

86.  Robust sparse coding for subspace learning

87.  Exponential stabilization of semi-linear wave equation

88.  More on some generalized soft mappings in soft topological spaces

89.  Estimating loss given default based on time of default

90.  Closed linear transformations of complex space-time endowed with Euclidean or Lorentz metric

91.  On periodicities in cluster algebras

92.  Logarithm and space BMO

93.  The minimum vv-coloring Laplacian energy of a graph