Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 50-2023




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1.     Editorial

2.     On the  $({\cal W}_{G_{\bf b}, \varphi};\alpha)$-diaphony  of the  nets of type of Halton-Zaremba constructed over finite  groups

3.     Some properties of regular topology on $C(X, Y)$

4.     Petrov-discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for solving diffusion-convection problems

5.     On structures of rough topological spaces based on neighborhood systems

6.     Some separation axioms via nano $S_\beta$-open sets in nano topological spaces

7.     On graded weakly classical $2$-absorbing submodules of graded modules over graded commutative rings

8.     Strong modular product and complete fuzzy graphs

9.     Chain dot product graph of a commutative ring

10.  Projection graphs of rings and near-rings

11.  Characterization of generalized $n$-semiderivations of 3-prime near rings and their structure

12.  Subspace diskcyclic tuples of operators on Banach spaces

13.  Nonlinear mappings preserving the kernel or range of skew product of operators

14.  On the application of $M$-projective curvature tensor in general relativity

15.  Torsion section of elliptic curves over quadratic extensions of $\mathbb{Q}$

16.  On $k$-perfect polynomials over $\mathbb{F}_{2}$

17.  Prime-valent one-regular graphs of order $18p$

18.  The $\omega$-continuity of group operation in the first (second) variable

19.  The group of integer solutions of the Diophantine equation $x^2+mxy+ny^2=1$

20.  On open question of prominent interior GE-filters in GE-algebras

21.  On soft $p_c$-regular and soft $p_c$-normal spaces

22.  Schatten class weighted composition operators on weighted Hilbert Bergman spaces of bounded strongly pseudoconvex domain

23.  Hermite-Hadamard inequality for preinvex functions

24.  Constructions of indecomposable representations of algebras via  reflection functors

25.  Semigroup of transformations with restricted partial range: regularity, abundance and some combinatorial results

26.  On some properties of N\"orlund ideal convergence of  sequence in neutrosophic normed spaces

27.  Some aspects of the vertex-order graph

28.  Lebesgue's theorem and Egoroff's theorem for complex uncertain sequences

29.  Novel concepts in fuzzy graphs

30.  On the sub-$\eta$-$n$-polynomial convexity and its applications

31.  A weighted power distribution mechanism under transferable-utility systems: axiomatic results and dynamic processes

32.  Recognition of decomposable posets by using the poset matrix

33.  Generalized hesitant fuzzy $N$-soft sets and their applications

34.  A note on $k$-zero-divisor hypergraphs of some commutative rings

35.  Relative averaging operators and trialgebras

36.  New sequences of processing times for Johnson's algorithm in PFSP

37.  Approximate solution of Fredholm type fractional integro-differential equations using Bernstein polynomials

38.  Applications of $\beta$-open sets

39.  A unified generalization of some refinements of Jensen's inequality

40.  Improvements of H\"{o}lder's inequality via Schur convexity of functions

41.  On nodal filter theory of EQ-algebras

42.  Multiset group and its generalization to ($A, B$)-multiset group

43.  Sensitivity analysis of interest rate derivatives in a normal inverse Gaussian L\'{e}vy market

44.  Real hypersurfaces in nonflat complex space forms with Lie derivative of structure tensor fields

45.  On improved Heinz inequalities for matrices

46.  Schur convexity of a function whose fourth-order derivative is non-negative and related inequalities

47.  Finite groups of order $p^3qr$ in which the number of elements of maximal order is $p^4q$

48.  Derivative-based trapezoid rule for a special kind of Riemann-Stieltjes integral

49.  A Mehrotra-type algorithm with logarithmic updating technique for $P_{*}(\kappa)$ linear complementarity problems