Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 36-2016




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1.      Interval-valued fuzzy hypergraph and interval-valued fuzzy hyperoperations

2.      Syntactic fuzzy monoids

3.      Applications of the uniting elements method

4.      Generalized hesitant fuzzy soft sets

5.      A generalized common fixed point theorem for six self-maps

6.      On generalized weak i-lifting modules

7.      A-numerical radius of A-normal operators in semi-Hilbertian spaces

8.      Finite groups with some quasinormal and selfnormalizing subgroups

9.      Quotient hyper hoop-algebras

10. Generalized cubic soft sets and their applications to ordered Abel-Grassmann's groupoids

11. A study on fuzzy interior hyperideals in ordered semihypergroups

12. On L-fuzzy 2-absorbing ideals

13. On generalized Ritt order of entire functions represented by vector valued Dirichlet series

14. Comparative growth analysis of functions analytic in the unit disc depending upon their relative L*-orders and relative L*-lower orders

15. A new type of compact spaces and closed spaces

16. Analysis of steady three--dimensional hydromagnetic stagnation point flow towards a stretching sheet with heat generation

17. The influence on the asymptotics of the random walks caused by the variation of the increments

18. Hypercyclic and supercyclic operators satisfying generalized A-Weyl's theorem

19. The quotient ultra-groups

20. On semi p-cover-avoiding subgroups and H-subgroups of finite groups

21. Dynamics in a competitive Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model with multiple delays

22. Separation axioms between t0 and t1 on lattices and lattice modules

23. A new characterization of the alternating group A8 by its order and large degrees of its irreducible character

24. On some algebraic properties of soft sets

25. Fuzzy parameterized fuzzy soft normal subgroups of groups

26. Passage of property (gw) from two operators to their tensor product

27. Adaptive controller for general networked manipulators with uncertain dynamics

28. Reproducing kernel hilbert space method for solving Fredholm integro-differential equations of fractional order

29. Primal-dual interior-point algorithm for LO based on a new kernel function

30. Simple iterative technique for solving some models of nonlinear partial differential equations using Haar wavelet

31. Solving the fractional Fornberg-Whitham equation by means of the optimal q-homotopy analysis method (Oq-Ham)

32. Quasi-Fredholm, Saphar spectra for C0 semigroups generators

33. New solitary wave and multiple soliton solutions for the time-space fractional Boussinesq equation

34. The composition, convergence and transitivity of powers and adjoint of generalized fuzzy matrices

35. Numerical solution of fractional relaxation-oscillation equation using cubic b-spline wavelet collocation method

36. Application of new generalized (G′/G)-expansion method to the (3 + 1)-dimensional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation

37. Coloring of bifuzzy graphs

38. On m-polar fuzzy Lie subalgebras

39. Commutative fundamental relation in fuzzy hypersemigroups

40. On weakly prime L-ideals

41. Rough fuzzy n-absorbing (n-absorbing primary) ideal in commutative rings

42. On the approximate solutions of systems of ODEs by Legendre operational matrix of differentiation

43. Morita equivalence for semirings without identity

44. Trigonometric functions -- one possible definition

45. Pricing maturity guarantee with dynamic withdrawal benefit under vasicek interest rate model

46. Graded semiprime and graded weakly semiprime ideals

47. Differential sandwich theorems for p-valent functions associated with a certain generalized differential operator and integral operator

48. Some reaction diffusion type equations in quantum mechanics

49. Search of good rotation patterns through exponential type regression estimator in successive sampling over two occasions

50. Some new integral inequalities of Hadamard-Simpson type for extended (s,m)-preinvex functions

51. A new corrector-predictor algorithm for convex quadratic semidefinite optimization

52. Rough fuzzy groups and rough soft groups

53. A numerical solution of the arbitrary order weakly singular integral using block-pulse functions and applications

54. On P-derivations and P-Jordan derivations of a ring

55. On weakly πg-closed sets in topological spaces

56. UP-algebras characterized by their anti-fuzzy UP-ideals and anti-fuzzy UP-subalgebras

57. On p-nilpotency of finite groups

58. Structured knowledge in the frame of Bak-Sneppen models

59. Hypergroups and fuzzy sets associated modulo a subgroup

60. Weakly equivalence preserving functors

61. Olver's method for solving roots of p-adic polynomial equations

62. Solitons and other solutions to nonlinear PDEs using G’/G-expansion method

63. Oscillation of third-order nonlinear neutral differential equations with distributed time delay

64. Coproximinality results in Köthe Bochner spaces

65. Intuitionistic permeable values in BCK/BCI-algebras

66. Some elegant proofs in 2-metric space and G-metric space

67. Analytic solution for RLC circuit of non-integer order

68. Idempotent elements of pre-generalized hypersubstitutions of type (m,n)

69. Some identities for degenerate Frobenius-Euler numbers arising from nonlinear differential equations

70. (ɛ,ɛVq)-Osmotic values with applications in BCK/BCI-algebras

71. Fuzzy interior hyperideals in ordered semihypergroups

72. On the overgroups of SL(1,K) in GL(r,F)

73. Quantum conditional logical entropy of dynamical systems

74. Some results on n-Camina pairs of groups

75. On upper and lower weakly I-continuous multifunctions

76. Gelfand Theorem for Banach hyperalgebras

77. On almost 2-absorbing submodules

78. Kupy-Neev Hash function

79. Dynamic behavior of traveling wave solutions for a class for the time-space coupled fractional kdV system with time-dependent coefficients

80. The solutions of Pauli equation in de Sitter space background and homogeneous manifold SU(2)/U(1)

81. On marginal automorphism of infinite groups

82. On the order and lower order of Laplace-Stieltjes transformations with index pair (p,q)