Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227

Issue n. 32-2014




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1.      On OD-characterizability of a certain alternating and symmetric group


2.      Some uniqueness results on meromorphic functions sharing two sets


3.      A note on p-regular semirings


4.      Some classes of generalized Minmax polynomials


5.      On γ-s-Urysohn closed and γ-s-regular closed spaces


6.      (0,2; 0)-Interpolation on the unit circle


7.      On laplace transforms of generalized whittaker function of multi-variables 


8.      Fekete-Szegö problem for concave univalent functions defined by Sălăgean operator


9.      r-Weak cb spaces


10. More properties on flexible graded modules


11. On  (N(k),ξ)-semi-Riemannian 3-manifolds


12. A new signing algorithm based on elliptic curve discrete logarithms and quadratic residue problems


13. Eccentricity, space bending, dimension


14. Strongly duo and duo right S-Acts


15. On automatic boundedness of linear operators on convex bornological spaces


16. Stability solutions of nonlinear nabla fractional difference equations using fixed point theorems


17. Exp-function method using modified Riemann-Liouville derivative for singularly perturbed Boussinesq equations of fractional-order


18. Common fixed point for self and nonself-maps through an implicit relation


19. A characterization of projective special linear group L3(5) by nse


20. New inequalities of  Hermite-Hadamard type for functions whose first derivatives absolute values are s-convex


21. On Thompson’s conjecture for Aut (J2 )  and Aut (McL)


22. On some growth properties of differential polynomials in the light of relative order


23. Jensen type weighted inequalities for functions of selfadjoint and unitary operators


24. φJ-multipliers and φJ-multipliers quadratic on Jordan Banach algebras


25. A note on Boolean subsets of orthomodular posets


26. Some derivations on the bounds for the zeros of entire functions based on slowly changing functions


27. Soft intersection h-ideals of hemirings and its applications


28. Characterizations of regular Abel-Grassmann's groupoids by the properties of their (,∈∨qk)-fuzzy ideals


29. Secret key distribution technique using theory of numbers


30. Some characterizations of intra-regular Abel Grassmann's groupoids


31. Some double lacunary sequence spaces


32. A new approach to a certain generalized integral  transform for certain space of  Boehmians


33. On solitary ware solutions of nonlinear time-fractional Fornberg-Whitham equation


34. Global exponential stability of impulsive hybrid dynamical systems with any time delay


35. From Newton to Kepler. One simple derivation of Kepler's laws from Newton's ones.


36. Hopf Modules in the weak Yetter-Drinfeld categories


37. Right alternative rings with x(yz)y(xz) in the center


38. Hyers-Ulam stability of linear differential equations of second order with constant coefficient


39. A theorem about finite groups with special conjugacy classes


40. Energy of an intuitionistic fuzzy graph


41. On upper and lower almost contra-ω-continuous multifunctions


42. Irreducible ideals in rings


43. Inclusion results on subclasses of starlike and convex functions associated with struve functions


44. The modified (w=g)-expansion method and its applications for solving the modified generalized Vakhnenko equation


45. Rough neutrosophic sets

46. Neutrosophic parametrized soft set theory and its decision making


47. Young type inequalities for matrices


48. Bounds for the eigenvalues of matrices


49. On thompson's conjecture for alternating group


50. Application of bipolar fuzzy soft sets in K-algebras


51. Semigroup distances of finite groupoids


52. On how to construct left semimodules from the right ones


53. Toward a new algorithm for systems of fractional differential-algebraic equations


54. A characterization of higher derivations on Banach algebras