Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 46-2021




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1.     On primary subgroups and the structure of finite groups

2.     Trapezoidal cubic fuzzy weighted geometric operator and their application to multiple attribute group decision making

3.     On weakly $S$-permutable subgroups and $P$-nilpotency of finite groups

4.     Two-warehouse inventory model for instantaneous deteriorating items with price and time dependent demand, complete backlogging

5.     On solving matrix games with payoffs presented by dual hesitant fuzzy sets

6.     On condition $(P'_E)$

7.     Solution of random ordinary differential equations using Laplace variational iteration method

8.     Closed multiplication modules

9.     Certain subclass of Janowski functions associated with symmetrical functions

10.  Scale elasticity in the presence of undesirable and nondiscretionary factors: an application to bank branches

11.  Note on a relative Hilali conjecture

12.  Adjoints of some weighted composition operators on the Fock space

13.  Some more algebraic hyperstructures in chemistry and biochemistry

14.  Eventually constant intertwining linear maps between complete locally convex spaces

15.  Banach gamma-algebra modules and full stability

16.  The bifurcation analysis of an ecological model involving stage structures in both populations with toxin

17.  Wrapped shanker distribution

18.  The Lie integral method for differential equations

19.  Approximate methods for solving one-dimensional partial integro-differential equations of fractional order

20.  Generalized-pre-irresolute and $\lambda$-irresolute functions in closure spaces

21.  Study on value distribution of L-functions sharing a small function

22.  Continuity of the farthest point map in vector spaces

23.  On generalized weakly conharmonically symmetric manifolds

24.  Some results on uniqueness of homogeneous  differential polynomials of meromorphic functions

25.  The construction of fraction $N$-subgroups in near rings

26.  A posteriori error analysis for discontinuous Galerkin methods for time discrete  semilinear parabolic problems

27.  Controllability of semilinear boundary control inequality problem in infinite dimensional state space

28.  Some parameterized inequalities related to $(s,m)$-convexity and their applications

29.  A comment on weakly $\pi$g-closed sets in topological spaces

30.  Partial dynamical systems and partial geodesic equations

31.  Fixed point theory for study the controllability of control systems in reflexive Banach space

32.  On graded $J_{gr}$-semiprime submodules

33.  An improved transformation-based kernel estimator for population abundance with shoulder condition

34.  Multi-fuzzy hypergroups

35.  Some results on Wiener indices  for a connected graph G

36.  Optimality analysis of fuzzy critical path for projects (an applied study)

37.  Injectivity versus dense injectivity in topological spaces

38.  $LG$-fuzzy tangent spaces of $C^\infty$ $L$-fuzzy manifolds with $L$-gradation of openness

39.  Variations of diagonal cyclicity of Latin squares formed by permutation polynomials

40.  $P$ systems on iso-triangular arrays

41.  Prime-valent one-regular graphs of order $12p$

42.  A note on alternative axiomatic results and sports applications of the precore

43.  Logical entropy of partitions in hyperproduct MV-algebras

44.  On some properties of divisible and pure fuzzy multigroups

45.  A new multi-step pseudo-spectral method for the approximate solution of inverse reaction-diffusion equation

46.  On an analytical and numerical solutions within the conformable fractional derivative for Fitzhugh-Nagumo fractional equation

47.  A note on restriction semigroups

48.  The convergent sequence to the weighted operator

49.  Pathological diagnosis and clustering of single-valued neutrosophic sets based on the new similarity measure

50.  A modified Newton's method for solving functions of one variable

51.  New step sizes of the gradient methods for unconstrained optimization problem

52.  Analytical investigation of transversely vibrating nonlinear beams using the iterative method

53.  The theta-complete graph Ramsey number $r(\theta_{k},K_{5}); k=7,8,9

54.  A note on $G_{\delta}$-diagonals in semitopological groups

55.  On solvability of finite groups with some nonnormal nonabelian subgroups

56.  Rough structure on groups

57.  Rings whose elements are a sum of a unit regular and nilpotent

58.  On generalized fuzzy soft compact spaces

59.  Ricci solitons on $(LCS)$-manifolds under $D$-homothetic deformation

60.  Ricci solitons and generalized weak symmetries under $D$-homothetically deformed $LP$-Sasakian manifolds

61.  Relative study on means in linear path and two positive arguments in a curved path

62.  On certain Somos's theta function identities of level $14$ and their application to colored partition

63.  Updating reducts in fuzzy $\beta$-covering via matrix approaches while adding and deleting a covering element

64.  A note on unification of the arithmetic-geometric mean and H\"{o}lder inequalities for unitarily invariant norms

65.  More generalized forms of fuzzy subgroups of groups

66.  Epidemia di Coronavirus Covid19 causata da SARS-COV-2 in Cina

67.  On fixed point results for family of multivalued mapping with application

68.  Characterizations of FI-lattices associated to implicative derivations

69.  On purity and divisibility of $S$-acts

70.  A note on extended beta, Gauss and confluent  hypergeometric functions

71.  Coupled fixed point theorems for mappings satisfying Geraghty type contractive conditions

72.  Equitable coloring on subdivision-vertex join and subdivision-edge join of graphs

73.  Entire solution of certain type of delay-differential equations

74.  Categorical representation of generalized topologies, generalized neighbourhood systems and generalized interior and closure operators

75.  Soft interior ideals over semigroups

76.  $z$-clean and strongly $z$-clean rings

77.  Some types of multiplication $N$-group in near rings

78.  On almost weak flatness of acts

79.  Econometric analysis of Jordanian phosphate industry

80.  A novel artificial variable-free simplex algorithm for solving neutrosophic linear programming problems

81.  On a class of semi-hypergeneralized quasi-Einstein manifolds

82.  Molecular structure investigation of anticancer drug by topological indices

83.  Fuzzy stability of  sextic functional equation in normed spaces (direct method)

84.  Analysis for fractional integro-differential equation with time delay

85.  Conformal $\eta$-Ricci solitons in  Lorentzian para-Sasakian manifold admitting semi-symmetric metric connection

86.  The small intersection graph of ideals of a lattice

87.  A study on weak pseudoorders in hyper $S$-posets

88.  Vague soft separation axioms and  vague soft continuous functions in vague soft topological spaces

89.  States on hyper equality algebras}\dotfill 1068--1080

90.  Granular reduction based matrix in crisp-fuzzy variable threshold concept lattices