Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 35-2015




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1.      Some properties of autonilpotent groups

2.      Semigroup compactification in an intuitionistic fuzzy convergence topological space

3.      The nonlocal boundary value problems for strongly singular higher-order nonlinear functional-differential equations

4.      A coupled fixed point theorem and t-norm of Hadžic type in fuzzy metric space

5.      On weakly SS-quasinormal subgroups of finite groups

6.      Ig*-normal and Ig*-regular spaces

7.      Some mean inequalities for positive linear maps

8.      Equitable colorings of cartesian products of fans with bipartite graphs

9.      Vertex-to-edge centers w.r.t. D-distance

10.  Prime ideals in right ternary near-rings and right ternary N-groups

11.  αAI*-sets, αcI-sets, αCI*-sets and decompositions of α-I-continuity

12.  Approximate solution of convection-diffusion equation using Haar wavelet

13.  Minimal general intuitionistic L-fuzzy automata

14.  Recognizing Chevalley groups G2(q) by nse

15.  More on upper and lower faintly ω-continuous multifunctions

16.  Semigroup ideals and permuting 3-generalized derivations in prime near rings

17.  Notes on the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality for singular values

18.  On strong and weak hyper ks-ideals of decomposable hyper KS-semigroups

19.  More on Krasner (m, n)-hyperrings

20.  Extensions of generalized lie groups in terms of cohomology

21.  The Wigner-Poisson-Fokker-Planck system with exchange potential in weighted L2 space

22.  On convexity of fuzzy mappings and fuzzy optimizations

23.  An efficient algorithm for widths of channel routing with given horizontal constraint graph

24.  Composite trapezoid rule for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral and its Richardson extrapolation formula

25.  Relative entropy and relative conditional entropy with infinite partitions

26.  A generalization of Simpson type inequality via differentiable functions using (s,m)-convex functions

27.  T1 concepts in fuzzy bitopological spaces

28.  A note on singular value inequalities for compact operators

29.  On some properties of M-hypercyclic C0-semigroup

30.  Two results on the abelian ideals of a borel subalgebra

31.  Optimal investment decision using neural reduct fuzzy set of IVFS

32.  On the exchange property for the Hartley transform

33.  Multipliers on spaces of vector valued entire Dirichlet series of two complex variables

34.  Multiplication components of graded modules

35.  Generalized cubic soft sets and their applications to ordered Abel-Grassmann's groupoids

36.  Characterizations of ordered AG-groupoids in terms of soft sets

37.  Some general numerical radius inequalities for the off-diagonal parts of 2×2 operator matrices

38.  On rough approximations of subgroups via conjugacy

39.  Existence and Uniqueness of ψ-bounded solutions for nonlinear matrix difference equations

40.  On radial distribution of Julia sets of solutions to complex differential equations with meromorphic coefficients

41.  Extension of Mittag-Leffler density and processes

42.  Some results on hypercyclicity of tuple of operators

43.  Bi-hyperideals and quasi-hyperideals in ordered semihypergroups

44.  Filter theory on hyper BE-algebras

45.  A class of high accuracy explicit difference schemes for solving three-dimensional parabolic equations

46.  Hesitant fuzzy ideals in Abel-Grassmann's groupoids

47.  Fixed points in intuitionistic Menger space

48.  The index of a special bipartite graph

49.  Centralizers on prime and semiprime Gamma rings

50.  A note on special matrices

51.  Fuzzy isomorphism theorems of soft groups

52.  Certain transformations of basic and poly-basic hypergeometric series

53.  Clean multiplicative hyperrings

54.  A family of nonbinary sequences with optimal correlation property

55.  Connectedness in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces in Šostak's sense

56.  On some more q-series identities

57.  Endogenous control in a ternary Lotka-Volterra model and its applications

58.  Global asymptotic stability for a stochastic competition and cooperation model of two enterprises