Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 37-2017




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1.      An unconditionally stable finite difference scheme for equations of conservation law form

2.      An automatic scheme on the homotopy analysis method for solving nonlinear algebraic equations

3.      A new integral transform

4.      Disjoint J-class operators

5.      EQ-algebras with pseudo pre-valuations

6.      A note on completeness of the Hausdorff fuzzy metric spaces

7.      On nearly CAP-embedded subgroups of finite groups

8.      Source term identification in semidifferential equations

9.      Regular multiplicative ternary hyperring

10.  Numerical treatment of neutral fractional Volterra integro-differential equations with infinite delay

11.  A brief comparison of G-contraction conditions and a generalized fixed point theorem

12.  Existence solution for weighted p(x)-Laplacian equation

13.  On reverse weighted arithmetic-geometric mean inequalities for two positive operators

14.  Some inclusion properties of starlike and convex functions associated with hohlov operator. II

15.  Boubaker pivotal iteration scheme (BPIS)

16.  The stability and Hopf bifurcation of the dengue fever model with time delay

17.  Entropy of quantum dynamical systems with infinite partitions

18.  Further properties of the generalization of primal superideals

19.  Count and cryptographic properties of generalized symmetric Boolean functions

20.  Results on prime ideals in PMV-algebras and MV-modules

21.  EOQ models for noninstantaneous/instantaneous deteriorating items with cubic demand rate under inflation and permissible delay in payments

22.  On the linear quadratic dynamic optimization problems with fixed-levels control functions

23.  Falling fuzzy Gödel ideals of BL-algebras

24.  Fuzzy p-ideals in MV-algebras

25.  Modules whose primary-like spectra with the Zariski-like topology are Noetherian spaces

26.  On the existence of categorical universal coverings

27.  Pseudo semi b-Fredholm and generalized Drazin invertible operators through localized SVEP

28.  Injectivity of G-nominal sets

29.  The structure of finite groups with c*-normal subgroups

30.  Subspace mixing and universality criterion for a sequence of operators

31.  Notes on Young and arithmetic-geometric mean inequalities for matrices

32.  Finite groups having exactly 42 elements of maximal order

33.  On reverse AM-GM inequalities for n operators

34.  Characteristic semimodules

35.  The impact of nonlinear incidence rate and removable storage media on viral prevalence

36.  On extensions of k-subadditive lattice group-valued capacities

37.  On Г-biacts and their Green's relations

38.  The analysis of a variable-viscosity fluid flow between parallel porous plates with non-uniform wall temperature

39.  Existence and uniqueness solution of a boundary value problems for integro-differential equation with parameter

40.  On homological properties of some Hv-structures

41.  An analytical approximation technique for the duffing oscillator based on the energy balance method

42.  OD-characterizability of the symmetric group S27

43.  A note on extrinsic frame homogeneity of hyperquadrics

44.  Some geometric aggregation operators based on picture fuzzy sets and their application in multiple attribute decision making

45.  On characterizations of BL-algebras via implicative ideals

46.  On some properties of ř-multipliers

47.  New results on fixed points for an infinite sequence of mappings in G-metric space

48.  Approximation of continuous functions by Vallee-Poussin’s sums

49.  Matching extension in complementary prism of regular graphs

50.  Statistical inference in principal component analysis based on statistical theory

51.  Some results on slowly changing function oriented relative order, relative type and relative weak type of differential monomials

52.  A novel study of soft sets over n-ary semigroups

53.  Representations of polygroups

54.  On H3(p) Hankel determinant for certain subclass of p-valent functions

55.  Filter theory of pseudo Hoop-algebras

56.  Weak closure operations with special types in lower BCK-semilattices

57.  On a group of the form 210:(U5(2):2)

58.  Orthogonal-based hybrid block method for solving general second order initial value problems

59.  A novel view of rough soft semigroups based on fuzzy ideals

60.  Solving a class of boundary value problems in structural engineering and fluid mechanics using homotopy perturbation and Adomian decomposition methods

61.  Approximate solutions to the generalized time-fractional Ito system