Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 43-2020




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1.     Upper class functions on a controlled contraction principle in partial $S$-metric spaces

2.     Characterization of some linear groups by their conjugacy class sizes

3.     On new class of contra continuity in nano topology

4.     Heptavalent symmetric graphs of order $8p

5.     On almost generalized pseudo-Ricci symmetric spacetime

6.     Some remarks on generalizations of prime submodules

7.     A new view of closed-CS-module

8.     Hesitant fuzzy sets approach to ideal theory in ordered $\Gamma$-semigroups

9.     Intuitionistic fuzzy rare $\alpha$-continuity

10.  En-semi prime subacts over monoids with zero

11.  Join hesitant fuzzy filters of residuated lattices

12.  Application of differential transformation method for solving prey predator model with holling type I

13.  Some classes of  mappings on generalized quaternion metric spaces II

14.  On two-sided group digraphs and graphs

15.  A characterization of simple group $S_4(7)$

16.  Redefined neutrosophic filters in BE-algebras

17.  More on almost countably compact spaces

18.  Fixed  point results with $\Omega $-distance by utilizing simulation functions

19.  On coefficient inequalities for certain subclasses of meromorphic bi-univalent functions

20.  A note on unitarily invariant norm inequalities for accretive-dissipative operator matrices

21.  Limiting direction of Julia sets and infinite radial order of solutions to complex linear differential equations

22.  Intuitionistic fuzzy ideals on approximation systems

23.  On modular flats and pushouts of matroids

24.  Chebyshev wavelet method (CWM) for the numerical solutions of fractional boundary value problems

25.  Fuzzy zero suffix algorithm to solve fully fuzzy transportation problems by using element-wise operations

26.  Pricing European call options with default risk under a jump-diffusion model via FFT transform

27.  Estimation for the parameter of a class of diffusion processes

28.  Relationships between tropical eigenvectors and tropical fixed points of the group $GL(2,\mathbb{R})$

29.  $L^{\infty }$-asymptotic behavior for a finite element approximation to optimal control problems

30.  Rings with strongly algebraically closed lattices

31.  On the $n^*-$ and $\gamma_n^*-$ complete fuzzy hypergroups

32.  Bifurcations of Liouville tori of generalized two-fixed center problem

33.  Optimization technique for solving fuzzy partial differential equations under strongly generalized differentiability

34.  On some properties of certain subclasses of univalent functions

35.  On uniformly primary hyperideals and uniformly 2-absorbing primary hyperideals

36.  Classes  of weighted tent function spaces and mixed norms with some applications

37.  Toward strictly singular fractional operator restricted by Fredholm-Volterra in Sobolev space

38.  Nonlinear left $*$-Lie triple mappings of standard operator algebras

39.  A common fixed point theorem  without continuity under weak compatible mappings in uniform convex Banach spaces

40.  A further study on the hyperideals of ordered semihypergroups

41.  Finite group with coincide automizer and central automorphism of subgroups

42.  Ricci semi-symmetric normal complex contact metric manifolds

43.  The path graph of the amalgamated graph of C$_{3}$ and C$_{n}$ at an edge or at a vertex

44.  A characterization of some alternating group by its order and special conjugacy class  sizes

45.  Invo-clean rings associated with central polynomials

46.  On developing an optimal Jarratt-like class for solving nonlinear equations

47.  Some spectral inclusion  for strongly continuous semigroups  operators

48.  A reliable non-standard finite difference scheme for solving nonlinear biochemical reaction model

49.  Numerical simulations for reactive nitrogen compounds pollution measurements in a stream using Saulyev method

50.  Some results on $K$-frames

51.  Analysis and implementation of kidney stones detection by applying segmentation techniques on computerized tomography scans

52.  On conjugate trigonometrically $\rho$-convex functions

53.  On decomposable $MS$-algebras

54.  Common fuzzy fixed points of $\alpha$-fuzzy mappings

55.  Characterizations of almost \textit{PP}-ring for three important classes of rings

56.  Stability of fixed point sets of generalized multivalued $\alpha$-$\psi$ contraction of Ciric-Berinde type

57.  Modules closed full large  extensions of cyclic submodules are  summands

58.  Some generalized forms of soft compactness and soft Lindel\"{o}fness via soft $\alpha$-open sets

59.  Trust-based Testbed for P2P digital library

60.  A new contraction and existence theorems on fuzzy metric space with a graph

61.  Reliability bounds of dependent linear consecutive k-out-of- n:G systems

62.  Predator-prey model of Holling-type II with harvesting and predator in disease

63.  Bipolar complex fuzzy sets and their properties

64.  The impact of organizational and human factors on the successful implementation of ERP system in water authority of Jordan

65.  Second type nabla Hukuhara differentiability for fuzzy functions on time scales

66.  Characterization of generalized projective and injective soft modules

67.  Fixed point theorem for contraction mappings in probabilistic normed spaces

68.  Criteria and geometric properties for bounded univalent functions in the unit disk

69.  Studying the solutions of the delay Sturm Liouville problems

70.  Common fixed point of faintly compatible in fuzzy metric space

71.  Operator inequalities involving improved Young inequality

72.  On minimal $\lambda_{rc}$-open sets

73.  Pseudo analytic approach to estimate drug transport and release in the annular section of human limbs

74.  Some cryptographic properties of near bent functions over finite fields

75.  On $(m,n)$-fully stable Banach algebra modules

76.  Vertex {$(n,k)$}-choosability of graphs

77.  Rough approximate operators based on fuzzy soft relation

78.  New classes of uniformly convex functions of fractional power on Banach space

79.  Asymptotic stability analysis of nonlinear systems with impulsive effects and disturbance input

80.  Numerical simulation of nonlinear fractional integrodifferential equations of Volterra type via power series expansion

81.  Qualitative behavior of a SIRS epidemic model with vaccination on heterogeneous networks

82.  The non-zero divisor graph of a ring