Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 33-2014




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  1. A note on dimension of weak hypervector spaces
  1. Generalized exponential operators and difference equations
  1. Analysis of blood flow through an artery with mild stenosis: a two-layered model
  1. The explicit expression of the Drazin inverse of sums of two matrices and its application
  1. Super principal fiber bundle with super action
  1. Intuitionistic fuzzy α-irresolute functions
  1. Invertible elements in BCK-algebras
  1. A new characterization of simpletic group S8(2)
  1. On characteristic subgraph of a graph
  1. Minimum complexity and low-weight normal polynomials over finite fields
  1. Cyclic hypergroups which induced by the character of some finite groups
  1. A note on non-fragmentable subspace of
  1. On new inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard type for generalized convex functions
  1. Regular sub-sequentially dense injective in the category of S-posets
  1. Strong convergence theorems for fixed point problems and equilibrium problems with applications
  1. New extended (G_/G)-expansion method for traveling wave solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations (NPDEs) in mathematical physics
  1. Reverse magic strength of Festoon trees
  1. On hyper pseudo MV-algebras
  1. Merging states in deterministic fuzzy finite tree automata based on fuzzy similarity measures
  1. On an inertia factor group of 2:O+(2)
  1. Convergence of Lagrange-Hermite interpolation
  1. Asymmetric clopen sets in the bitopological spaces
  1. A refinement on the growth factor in gaussian elimination for accretive-dissipative matrices
  1. On a special class of finite p-groups of maximal class
  1. Conjugacy class sizes of subgroups and the structure of finite groups
  1. Average D-distance between vertices of a graph
  1. A note on Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for products of convex functions via Riemann-Liouville fractional integrals
  1. The homogeneous balance method and its applications for finding the exact solutions for nonlinear evolution equations
  1. Some structural properties of hyper KS-semigroups
  1. Weak open sets on simple extension ideal topological space
  1. Existence and uniqueness theorem for a solution of fuzzy impulsive differential equations
  1. On L-Fuzzy Topological Tm-Subsystem
  1. Midpoint derivative-based trapezoid rule for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral
  1. New characterizations of solubility of finite groups
  1. The tripartite Ramsey numbers rt(C4; 2) and rt(C4; 3)
  1. D-convergence theorem for total asymptotically nonexpansive mapping in uniformly convex hyperbolic spaces
  1. Quotient rings via fuzzy congruence relations
  1. Properties of hyperideals in ordered semihypergroups
  1. Prime submodules in extended BCK-module
  1. OD-characterization of alternating group of degree p+3
  1. Partitioned frames in discrete Bak Sneppen models
  1. Existence of three solutions for nonlocal elliptic system of (p1,, pn)-Kirchhoff type