Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227

Issue n. 31-2013




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1.      On holomorphically decomposable Fredholm operators


2.      On binomial operator representations of some polynomials


3.      On the external path length of random recursive k-ary trees


4.      Ternary superring


5.      Some fixed point theorems for multivalued weakly increasing operators


6.      Non-factorizable groups


7.      Influence of micropolar parameters on the stability domain in a Rayleigh-Bénard convection problem - A reliable numerical study


8.      On the subgroups of torsion-free groups which are subrings in every ring


9.      On hyper EQ-algebras


10. Antipodal bipolar fuzzy graphs


11. Compactification of a soft fuzzy product C-space


12. Describing Green's relations in ordered Γ-groupoids using a new concept: fuzzy subsets


13. Properties of bipolar fuzzy hypergraphs


14. Variation of parameters method for thin film flow of a third grade fluid down an inclined plane


15. A novel approach in homotopy perturbation method for the expansion of non-linear terms


16. Strongly paracompact mappings


17. A practical method for matrix inversion


18. Fail-stop designated recipient signature scheme based on elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem


19. Properties of (γ,γ’)-semiopen sets


20. Operation via-regular open sets


21. Lie-admissible hyperalgebras


22. Finite p-groups determined by an inequality of the order of any two-elements generated subgroups


23. Finite groups with their automorphism groups having orders 4pq2 (2<p<q)


24. Finite groups with 6PQ elements of the largest order


25. The black box of economic interdependence in the~process of structural change. EU and EA on the stage


26. A commutative regular monoid on rough sets


27. Controllability results for second order impulsive neutral functional integrodifferential inclusions with infinite delay


28. An implicit method for solving nonconvex variational inequalities


29. Fixed point theorems on intuitionistic fuzzy quasi-metric spaces with application to the domain of words