Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 45-2021




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1.     New investigations on $HX$-groups and soft groups

2.     On weak $\delta$-McCoy rings

3.     Numerical methods for solving Lane-Emden type differential equations by operational matrix of fractional derivative of modified generalized Laguerre polynomials

4.     Existence and exponential stability of second-order neutral stochastic functional differential equations with infinite delay and Poisson jumps

5.     Production inventory model with exponential demand rate and exponentially declining deterioration

6.     On automatic surjectivity of some  point  spectrum preserving additive maps

7.     Solvability of certain groups of time varying artificial neurons

8.     Reciprocal sums of triple products of general second order recursion

9.     On the dynamics of the generalized H\`{e}non-Heiles of the galactic potential

10.  On groups acting on trees of ends $>$1

11.  Bifurcation of subharmonic in Lassa fever epidemic model

12.  Characterizations and extensions of abelian rings

13.  A new kind of $(0,1,2)$-interpolation

14.  Some results and examples of the bi-$f$-harmonic maps

15.  Fixed point results for mappings satisfying Ciric and Hardy Roger type contractions

16.  A novel study on soft rough rings (ideals) over rings

17.  The interval valued fuzzy graph associated with a Crisp graph

18.  A novel continuous genetic algorithm technique for the solution of partial differential equations

19.  An error estimate of a nonmatching grids method for a biharmonic equation

20.  SDIES: A Background subtraction method with sample dynamic indicator and edge similarity

21.  A subordination result and integral mean for a class of analytic functions defined by $q$-differintegral operator

22.  On the permanence and periodic solutions of a plankton system with impulses and diffusion

23.  The structure of a class of inverse residuated lattices

24.  On soft closed graph and its characterizations

25.  On the complementary dual code over $\mathbb{F}_2+u\mathbb{F}_2$

26.  A new interior-point method for $P_{*}(\kappa)$ linear complementarity problems based on a parameterized kernel function

27.  Some results for best coapproximation on Banach lattices

28.  On the stability of a nonmultiplicative type sum form functional equation

29.  Oscillation of second-order nonlinear neutral dynamic equations with ``Maxima" on time scales with nonpositive neutral term

30.  On restrained hub number in graphs

31.  Two simple confidence intervals for the population coefficient of variation under the non-normal and skewed distributions

32.  Fixed point results via tri-simulation function

33.  Some remarks on fully stable gamma modules

34.  On existence and uniqueness of best proximity points for proximal $\beta$-quasi contractive mappings on metric spaces

35.  A study on soft rough $BCK$-algebras in $BCK$-algebras

36.  Generalization of locally cyclic and Condition $(P)$ in Act-$S$

37.  Magnetic effect of non-commutativity

38.  Generalizations of Simpson-type inequalities for relative semi-$(h,\alpha, m)$-logarithmically convex mappings

39.  Complete moment convergence for weighted sums of negatively orthant dependent random variables

40.  On $k$-special $R$-implications

41.  On skew GQC and skew QC codes over the ring $\mathbb{F}_2+u\mathbb{F}_2+v\mathbb{F}_2+uv\mathbb{F}_2$

42.  Event-triggered consensus control for the first-order multi-agent systems

43.  Dunkl-Williams inequality for operators associated with $r$-angular distance

44.  Legendre-adomian-homotopy analysis method for solving multi-term nonlinear differential equations of fractional order

45.  A new study on rough soft lattices based on ideals

46.  Generalized Runge-Kutta integrators for solving  fifth-order ordinary differential equations

47.  Semirings of $0,1$-preserving endomorphisms of semilattices

48.  A categorical approach to vitally dense monomorphisms of $S$-acts

49.  On the condition number of integral equations in the elastic two-dimensional case using the cross multipole coefficients

50.  The weight hierarchy of Ham($r$, $q$)

51.  1-factorization of small regular graphs

52.  A new class of harmonic univalent functions associated with q-derivative defined by Hadamard product

53.  On solving some classes of second order ODEs

54.  Generalized fractional integral inequalities for product of two convex functions

55.  $M$-bands wavelet multiresolution analysis of assets

56.  A semi-partial isometries in Banach spaces

57.  Chain continuity for Zadeh's extension

58.  Sumudu transform for solving some classes of fractional differential equations

59.  Supra soft $b$-$R_{0}$ and supra soft $b-R_{1}$ spaces

60.  Partially ordered objects in the topos of $M$ set

61.  Simple endomorphism semirings of semilattices

62.  Application of anti-control strategy based on a modified washout filter controller

63.  Edge irregularity strength of categorical product of two paths

64.  A full-Newton step IIPM based on new search directions for $P_*(\kappa)$-LCP

65.  Some identities and generating functions of third-order recurrence relations

66.  On a new class of derivations on residuated lattices

67.  Fuzzy $\Gamma$-ideals in regular and intra-regular  $\Gamma$-AG-groupoids

68.  On locally $F$-semiregular and locally $\delta$-semiregular modules

69.  Bounds on minimum distance for linear codes over $GF(q)$

70.  Graphs whose completely regular endomorphisms form a monoid

71.  Bochner-Martinelli type formula over the quaternionic Heisenberg group and the octonionic Heisenberg group

72.  The number of the generating matrices of the subspaces which represent  an $F_pW_n$-submodule where $F_p=GF(p)$ and $W_n$ is the Weyl group of type $B_n$

73.  Upper bounds on deviations from the mean and the mean absolute deviation

74.  First reformulated Zagreb index of four graph operations

75.  The isomorphic factorization of complete equipartite graphs $K_n(m)$

76.  Lyapunov-type inequalities for $\psi$-Laplace equations

77.  On a class of Lorentzian para-Kenmotsu manifolds admitting the Weyl-projective curvature tensor of type $(1, 3)$

78.  On Laplacian eigenvalues of $\mathbb{N}$-sum graphs and $\mathbb{Z}$-sum graphs and few more properties

79.  A note on ${(m,n)}$-full stability Banach algebra modules relative to an ideal $H$ of $A_{m\times n}$

80.  On the $p$-supersolvability of finite groups

81.  A corollary that  provides  seat arrangements for even numbers of seats