Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 41-2019




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1.     On the generalized Drazin inverse in a Banach algebra

2.     Some results on hypervector spaces

3.     New improvement of Heinz inequalities for matrices

4.     Research on a clustering analysis algorithm for optimal allocation of human resources in colleges and universities

5.     The numerical range of an element of a class of topological algebras

6.     A short note on idempotent rings

7.     Error estimates of finite volume element method for nonlinear hyperbolic optimal control problems

8.     On hyper BCH-algebra

9.     On the $p$-nilpotence of finite groups

10.  Economic benefit evaluation of forest eco-tourism attractions based on factor analysis

11.  On the generalization of $(\in ,\in \vee q)$-intuitionistic fuzzy bi-ideals of semigroups

12.  The form of automorphisms of an abelian group having the weak extension property

13.  Some new properties on $\lambda$-commuting operators

14.  Lie ideals with symmetric left bi-derivations in prime rings

15.  Determination of the shortest path in vague networks

16.  New concepts in interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy graphs

17.  Linear codes on unitary space

18.  A catastrophic temperature change in the heat equation

19.  Research on the development of business model based on mobile APPs

20.  On the elementary and basic characters of $G_{n}(q)$

21.  The conditions of existence of a solution of the two-point in time problem for nonhomogeneous PDE

22.  Multigroups and multicosets

23.  Reverses of the triangle inequality for absolute value in Hilbert ${{C}^{*}}$-modules

24.  The biclique partition number of some important graphs

25.  A concise proof of a double inequality involving the exponential and logarithmic functions

26.  Criterion for nonexistence Horseshoe-like in $C^1$ topology

27.  Non-linear stability of $L_4$ in the R3BP when the smaller primary is a heterogeneous triaxial rigid body with $N$ layers

28.  Weakly $\theta_{\textit{I}}$-preopen sets and decomposition of continuity

29.  Object-oriented road extraction based on improved FCM and shape filter in high resolution RS imagery

30.  Research on the optimization of path information in the process of logistics distribution by improved ant colony algorithm

31.  The 1-planarity of intersection graph of ideals of a ring

32.  Research on personalized recommendation algorithm of cross-border E-commerce under large data background

33.  Assimilation of Insat-3D sounder retrieved thermodynamic profiles using WRF model for extreme rainfall event over north central part of India

34.  A local meshless RBF method for solving fractional integro-differential equations with optimal shape parameters

35.  On bi-$\Gamma$-ideals in $\Gamma$-semigroups with involution

36.  Dynamics of two-gene Andrecut-Kauffman system: chaos and complexity

37.  $Z_3$-connected graphs with neighborhood unions and minimum degree condition

38.  $t$-property of metric spaces and fixed point theorems}\dotfill 422--433

39.  Characterizations of MV-algebras in terms of cubic sets

40.  A new verifiable  multi-secret sharing scheme based on elliptic curves and pairings

41.  Translation and density of a bipolar-valued fuzzy set in UP-algebras

42.  $P$-expandable spaces

43.  A color image encryption scheme with synchronous permutation-diffusion structure

44.  Integral equation for the number of integer points in a circle

45.  A new characterization of simple Janko-groups

46.  An $ONC$-characterization of $A_{14}$ and $A_{15}$

47.  Weakly $(I,J)$-continuous multifunctions and contra $(I,J)$-continuous multifunctions

48.  A study of second order impulsive neutral differential evolution control systems with an infinite delay

49.  $\theta$-closure and $T_{2\frac{1}{2}}$ spaces via ideals

50.  On some applications of algebraic hyperstructures for the management of teaching and relationships in schools

51.  On the number of cyclic subgroups in finite groups

52.  Multi-fuzzy group induced by multisets

53.  Application of reproducing kernel algorithm for singular BVPs involving Fredholm-Volterra operator

54.  Nearly semi -2-absorbing submodules and related concepts

55.  Ring forms

56.  Derived numbers of one variable monotonic functions

57.  Derived numbers of one variable convex functions

58.  Nonholonomic frames for Finsler space with deformed ($\alpha$,$\beta$)-metric

59.  A note on groups whose all non-linear irreducible characters are defect zero

60.  On two new approaches in modular spaces

61.  Accrual based and real earning management association with dividends policy ``the case of Jordan”

62.  $C^*$-algebra-valued $M$-metric spaces and some related fixed point results

63.  Fluctuations of stock price and revenue after the early adoption of IFRS 15, ``revenue from contracts with customers”