Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 34-2015




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1.      A recursive formula for power moments of  2-dimensional Kloosterman sums associated with general linear groups


2.      A note on the Cafiero criterion in effect algebras


3.      On inclusion between  ΛBV(p), Chanturyia and Hpw classes


4.      Influence of variable fluid properties, thermal radiation and chemical reaction on MHD slip flow  over a flat plate


5.      Normal induced fuzzy topological spaces


6.      Some results on Laguerre transform in two variables


7.      Growth analysis of wronskians based on relative L* -order and relative L* -type


8.      Soft fuzzy disconnectedness in dimension theory


9.      Factor bisemirings


10.  Fuzzy parameterized fuzzy soft rings and  applications


11.  A secure and efficient authentication with key agreement  scheme based on elliptic curve cryptosystem


12.  Diameters of semi-ideal based zero-divisor graphs  for finite direct product of posets


13.  On commuting traces of generalized biderivations of prime rings


14.  On connections between vector spaces  and  hypercompositional structures


15.  On the conjugation invariant problem in the mod p dual Steenrod algebra


16.  M-Fuzzy h-ideals in h-semisimple M-Γ-hemirings


17.  On algebraic and analytic core II


18.  Jacobi fields on the manifold of Freund


19.  Local largest Lyapunov exponent is critical to threshold voltage and refractory periods for Hodgkin-Huxley model


20.  An approach to the relative order based growth properties of differential monomials


21.  Uniformly stability of impulsive delayed linear systems with impulse time windows


22.  T-systems in ternary semigroups


23.  Some new operations on interval-valued  intuitionistic  fuzzy soft sets


24.  Fuzzy hyper KS-semigroups


25.  On  Engel fuzzy subgroups


26.  On 2-absorbing primary and weakly 2-absorbing elements in multiplicative lattices


27.  Fuzzy ideals  of implication groupoids


28.  Some refinements of the Heinz inequalities


29.  Computation of topological indices of non-commuting graphs


30.  Characterization of bi Γ-ternary semigroups by their ideals


31.  (i; j)-!-b-open sets and (i; j)-!-b-continuity  in bitopological spaces


32.  Intuitionistic fuzzy seis in UP-algebras


33.  Equitable colorings of   Cartesian products of fans with  bipartite graphs


34.  Subordination results for a certain subclass of  non-Bazilevic analytic functions defined by linear operator


35.  On fully stable acts


36.  An  effective boundary integral approach for the solution of  nonlinear transient thermal diffusion problems


37.  On improved Young type inequalities for matrices


38.  Soft isomorphism therems for soft hemirings


39.  Finite p-groups in which normal closures for every nonnormal subgroups are minimal nonabelian


40.  Scott closed injectivity and retractness of directed complete poset acts


41.  A Monge-Ampère type operator in  2-dimensional special Lagrangian geometry


42.  The fractional (DξαG/G)-expansion method and its applications for solving four nonlinear space-time fractional PDEs in Mathematical Physics


43.  Rough fuzzy (fuzzy rough) strong h-ideals of hemirings


44.  On fuzzy soft graphs


45.  A note on The tripartite Ramsey numbers rt(C4; 2) and rt(C4; 3)'