Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227

Issue n. 30-2013




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1.      Cocatégorie et nilpotence

2.      Lie ideal and generalized Jordan left derivation on semiprime rings


3.      Weakly b-I-open sets and weakly b-I-continuous functions


4.      Redefined generalized fuzzy R-subgroups of near-rings


5.      Generalized fuzzy algebraic  hypersystems


6.      New results on remotality in Banach spaces


7.      The hyperbolic Menelaus theorem in the Poincaré disc model of hyperbolic geometry


8.      On the finite groups with average length  3 of  conjugacy classes


9.      On (λ,μ)-fuzzy subhyperlattices


10. Blockwise repeated low-density burst error correcting linear codes


11. Multidimensional generating relations suggested by a generating relation for hyper-bessel functions


12. Rarely b-continuous functions


13. A study on augmented graded rings


14. Weak lattices


15. Characterization of hyper BCI-algebra of order 3


16. Numerical solution of series L-C-R equation based on Haar wavelet


17. Simplified marginal linearization method in autonomous Lienard systems


18. Distributional and tempered distributional diffraction fresnel transforms and their extension to Boehmian spaces


19. On ρ-homeomorphisms in topological spaces


20. Generalized quasi-coincidence in fuzzy sub-hypermodules


21. Some modular equations in the form of Schläfli


22. Common fixed points for weakly compatible mappings and applications in dynamic programming


23. On boundedness and contnuity of jordan, ordinary and quadratic product in alternative semi-prime algebras


24. On hyperrings associated with binary relations on semihypergroup


25. Centralizers on semiprime gamma rings


26. Integral filters and integral BL-algebras


27. Haar wavelet method for numerical solution of telegraph equations


28. Cauchy's method and bilateral basic hypergeometric series


29. Some classes of p-valent meromorphic functions defined by a new operator


30. Algebraic hyperstructures of soft sets associated with ternary semihypergroups


31. New characterization of sporadic simple groups


32. Modified (G’/G)-expansion method with generalized Riccati equation to the sixth-order Boussinesq equation


33. Certain properties of Mittag-Leffler function with argument , α>0


34. Localized nearly m-embedded property of some subgroups of finite groups