Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227

Issue n. 27-2010




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1.      Steady three-dimensional hydromagnetic stagnation point flow towards a stretching sheet with heat generation (Hazem Ali Attia)


2.      Tranzient MHD Couette flow of a Casson fluid between parallel plates with heat transfer (Hazem Ali Attia, Mohamed Eissa Sayed-Ahmed)


3.      Two-dimensional wavelets for nonlinear autoregressive models with an application in dynamical system (H. Doosti, M.S. Islam, Y.P. Chaubey, P. Góra)


4.      On periodic solutions for nested polygon planar 2N+1-body problems with arbitrary masses (Liu Xuefei, Zhang Shiqing, Luo Jianmei)


5.      On generalized pre-closure spaces and separation for some special types of functions (Miguel Caldas, Erdal Ekici, Saeid Jafari)


6.      Certain subclasses of analytic functions involving Sălăgean operator (J.K. Prajapat, R.K. Raina)


7.      Fuyyz stability of quartic mappings (Alireza Kamel Mirmostafaee)


8.      Some results on non-commuting graph of a finite group (M.R. Darafsheh, H. Bigdely, A. Bahrami, M. Davoudi Monfared)


9.      Hyper K-algebras induced by a deterministic finite automaton (M. Golmohamadian, M.M. Zahedi)


10.    Common fixed point for Lipschitzian mappings satisfying rational contractive conditions (Mujahid Abbas)


11.    Fuzzy minimal structures and fuzzy minimal subspaces (Mohammad Javad Nematollahi, Mehdi Roohi)


12.    Interval-valued intuiotionistic fuzzy subsemimodules with (S,T)-norms (H. Hedayati)


13.    α-Generalized-convergence theory of L-fuzzy nets and its applications (Bin Chen)


14.    Certain transformation and summation formulae for q-series (Remy Y. Denis, S.N. Singh, S.P. Singh)


15.    A note on continues fractions and  3ψ3 series (Maheshwar Pathak, Pankaj Srivastava)


16.    A connection between categories of (fuzzy) multialgebras and (fuzzy) algebras (R. Ameri, T. Nozari)


17.    Lipschitz estimates for multilinear commutator of Littlewood-Paley operator (Ying Shen, Lanzhe  Liu)


18.    A functional associated with  bounded linear operators in Hilbert spaces and related inequalities (S.S. Dragomir)


19.    Generalization of Golbach’s conjecture and some special cases (Ioannis Mittas)


20.    Strong colourings of hypergraphs (Sandro Rajola, Maria Scafati Tallini)


21.    p-Fuzzy hypergroups  and p-fuzzy join spaces obtained from p-fuzzy hypergraphs (Yuming Feng)


22.    Fuzzy Lie ideals over a fuzzy field (M. Akram, K.P. Shum)


23.           On a finer topological space than τθ and some maps (E. Ekici, S. Jafari, R.M. Latif )

24.           Homomorphisms and epimorphisms of some hypergroups (W. Phanthawimol, Y. Kemprasit)

25.           On homomorphisms of some multiplicative hyperrings (M. Kaewneam, Y. Kemprasit)

26.           Upper topological generalized groups (F.H. Ghane, Z. Hamed)

27.           Analysis of a two-step method for numerical solution of fuzzy ordinary differential equations (M. Sh. Dahaghin, M. Mohseni Moghadam)