Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 40-2018




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1.     On generalization of division near-rings

2.     Basic notions of partially ordered hypermodules

3.     Inequalities of unitarily invariant norms for matrices

4.     Ideal convergent generalized difference sequence spaces of infinite matrix and Orlicz function

5.     On the role of the Stokes problem in second grade fluid flow in regions with permeable interfaces

6.     Soliton solutions for non-linear dispersive wave equations with variable-coefficients

7.     A dissipative hyperbolic systems approach to image restoration

8.     On partially topological groups: extension closed properties

9.     On weak McCoy modules over commutative rings

10.  Some results on distanced-balanced and strongly distance-balanced graphs

11.  A power index and its normalization under fuzzy multicriteria situation

12.  Some sufficient conditions implying nilpotency of finite groups

13.  Global exponential stability of Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with time-varying Delays

14.  $F$-contractive mappings of Hardy-Rogers-type in $G$-metric spaces

15.  On positive weak solutions for a class of nonlinear systems

16.  A bipartite graph associated to a BI-module of a ring

17.  An improved clustering method based on density and division method

18.  Existence of many non-radial solutions of an elliptic system

19.  Pythagorean fuzzy hybrid averaging aggregation operator and its application to multiple attribute decision making

20.  1-movable doubly connected domination in  graphs

21.  Fixed point theorems for fuzzy soft contractive mappings in fuzzy soft metric spaces

22.  Comparison of surface fitting methods for modelling leaf surface

23.  Product-type operators from area Nevanlinna spaces to Bloch-Orlicz spaces

24.  Comparison of SVM algorithm and BP algorithm: study on the evaluation index system of scientific research performance of vocational colleges

25.  On characterization of monoids by properties of generators II

26.  Certain generating functions of generalized hypergeometric  2D polynomials from Truesdell's method

27.  $d$-mixing and $d$-universal $J$-class operators

28.  Pairwise connectedness in fuzzy bitopological spaces in quasi-coincidence sense

29.  Hopf bifurcation analysis and amplitude control of a new 4D hyper-chaotic system

30.  Solution of linear and nonlinear singular boundary value problems using Legendre wavelet method

31.  On the application of the adomian decomposition method to solve non-linear boundary value problems of a steady state flow of a liquid film

32.  Energy of a bipolar fuzzy graph and its application in decision making

33.  Commutative neutrosophic triplet group and neutro-homomorphism basic theorem

34.  Derivable mappings and commutativity of associative rings

35.  Fixed point results of $F$-rational cyclic contractive mappings on $0$-complete partial metric spaces

36.  Class of admissible perturbations of special expressions involving completely monotonic functions

37.  The topological indices of the Cayley graphs of dihedral group $D_{2n}$ and the generalized quaternion group $Q_{2^n}$

38.  Going beyond the standard model

39.  On the joint $(m, q)$-partial isometries and the joint $m$-invertible tuples of commuting operators on a Hilbert space

40.  Separation axioms in topological ordered spaces

41.  Conformal anti-invariant submersions from Kenmotsu manifolds onto Riemannian manifolds

42.  The effect of methods of operation research in obtaining the best results in the trade

43.  Some new $k$-fractional integral inequalities containing multiple parameters via generalized $(s,m)$-preinvexity

44.  Some operator $\alpha$-geometric mean inequalities

45.  The homo separation analysis method for solving the partial differential equation

46.  Global dynamics of an SIVS epidemic model with bilinear incidence rate

47.  Using multi-scale auto convolution moments to get image affine invariant features

48.  On the double Frobenius group of the form $2^{2r}{:}(\mathbb{Z}_{2^{r}-1}{:}\mathbb{Z}_{2})${Z}_{2})$

49.  Finite groups whose all proper subgroups are GPST-groups

50.  Industrial data forecasting using discrete wavelet transform

51.  Three-dimensional air quality assessment simulations inside sky train platform with airflow obstacles on heavy traffic road

52.  A construction of congruence-simple semirings

53.  On the conformal curvature tensor of $\epsilon$-Kenmotsu manifolds

54.  Exponential stability of nonlinear systems via alternate control

55.  Rough approximations in $KU$-algebras

56.  On hyperideals of ordered semihypergroups

57.  Bayesian estimation and prediction based on exponential residual type II censored life data

58.  On computing differential transform of nonlinear non-autonomous functions and its applications

59.  NAGSC: Nesterov's accelerated gradient methods for sparse coding

60.  Contra weakly-$\theta_\textit{I}$-precontinuous functions in ideal topological spaces

61.  Nonexistence of global solutions to a fractional nonlinear ultra-parabolic system

62.  A new intuitionistic fuzzy divergence measure and its applications to handle fault diagnosis of turbine

63.  Fuzzy protection method for fl ood attacks in software defined networking (SDN)