Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 38-2017




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1.     Preserving injective properties of acts over monoids under limits and their transfer from colimits to the components

2.     On derived of some polygroups and generalized alternative polygroups

3.     $n$-edge-distance-balanced graphs

4.     A characterization of some projective special linear groups

5.     Zero knowledge undeniable signature scheme over semigroup action problem

6.     On $c$-normal and $S$-quasinormally embedded subgroups of a finite group

7.     Study of integral transforms associated with generalized Bessel function

8.     Entire functions sharing two smaller order entire functions with their difference operators

9.     Some vertex-degree-based topological indices under edge corona product

10.  On an extension to Khan's fixed point theorem

11.  Soft rough $BCI$-algebras and corresponding decision making

12.  On intuitionistic product fuzzy graphs

13.  On some subclasses of meromorphic functions defined by fractional derivative operator

14.  On the sum of the squares of all distances in some graphs

15.  Qualitative study of a generalised Brusselator type equation

16.  Soft rough groups and corresponding decision making

17.  Critical semimodules

18.  Solution of steady-state Hamilton-Jacobi equation based on alternating evolution method

19.  Stochastic financial model based on fractional Brown motion

20.  Certain properties associated with B-preinvex fuzzy mappings

21.  Dynamics of almost periodic Nicholson's blowflies model with nonlinear density-dependent mortality term

22.  Personal credit scoring model research based on the RF-GA-SVM model

23.  Optimization of agricultural production control based on data processing technology of agricultural internet of things

24.  The application of information entropy theory based data classification algorithm in the selection of talents in hotels

25.  Active frequency drift islanding detection algorithm for single-phase photovoltaic grid-connected inverter

26.  Implementation of parallelizing multi-layer neural networks based on cloud computing

27.  Digital integration of service modes of libraries based on hybrid metadata

28.  Representation of graphs  using ${m}$-polar fuzzy environment

29.  A hybrid EMD-MA for forecasting stock market index

30.  Common fixed point results in $S$-fuzzy metric spaces

31.  Riemann-Liouville fractional Simpson's inequalities through generalized $(m,h_1,h_2)$-preinvexity

32.  Novel multiple criteria decision making methods based on bipolar neutrosophic sets and  bipolar neutrosophic graphs

33.  Some properties of near left almost rings by using ideals

34.  Some properties of a new kind of downward sets in certain Banach spaces

35.  On P\'{a}l-type interpolation II

36.  Common fixed point theorems for fuzzy mappings in $b$-metric space

37.  Wireless access channel and broadband dynamic regulation based on Lan

38.  Pairing-friendly elliptic curves of embedding degree 1 and applications to cryptography

39.  On generalized some inequalities for convex functions

40.  A new proof for the global convergence of the BFGS method for nonconvex unconstrained minimization problems

41.  Some properties of soft $\beta$-compact and related soft topological spaces

42.  Representation of $UP$-algebras in interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy environment

43.  Triple positive solutions for a third-order three-point boundary value problem with sign-changing Green's function

44.  On the annihilator intersection graph of a commutative ring

45.  Symmetric metric space

46.  A note on strongly fully stable Banach algebra modules relative to an ideal

47.  Fixed point result for new rational type contraction on closed ball for multivalued mapping

48.  Pointwise slant submersions from Kenmotsu manifolds into Riemannian manifolds

49.  Application of mathematical modeling in management accounting

50.  Effect of Albedo on the motion of the infinitesimal body in circular restricted three body problem with variable masses

51.  The maximum principle of Tsallis entropy in a complex domain

52.  Positive implicative energetic subsets of $BCK$-algebras

53.  ($\epsilon$)-Kenmotsu manifolds admitting a semi-symmetric metric connection

54.  A new characterization of $L_2(p)$ with $p\in\{19,23\}$ by NSE

55.  $n$-fold $($positive$)$ implicative filters of hoops

56.  Pseudo-topological hypervector spaces and their properties

57.  A separation method for maximal covering location problems with fuzzy parameters

58.  A characterization of Mathieu groups by their orders and character degree graphs

59.  Hypermatrix representations of single power cyclic hypergroups

60.  Extended $d$-homology

61.  A note on $Z$-algebra

62.  On the solvability of two-point in time problem for PDE

63.  Minimal models of self-organized criticality

64.  Heptavalent symmetric graphs of order $6p$

65.  A view on quasi $\lambda$-open $M$-sets in $M$-topological spaces

66.  Almost strongly $\omega$-continuous functions

67.  Schur $m$-power convexity of geometric Bonferroni mean

68.  Study on the sequence volatility of financial assets based on  Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation

69.  Optimal mathematical model of delivery routing and processing time of logistics

70.  On soft LA-modules and exact sequences