Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 39-2018




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1.     On fuzzy minimal structures

2.     A note on $S$-acts and bounded linear operators

3.     Application of recurrent neural network using Matlab simulink in medicine

4.     Generalized numerical radius inequalities for $2\times 2$ operator matrices

5.     A comparative study on achromatic and $B$-chromatic number of certain graphs

6.     A weaker quantitative characterization of the sporadic simple groups

7.     Lawvere-Tierney sheaves, factorization systems, sections and $j$-essential monomorphisms in a topos

8.     HX-type chaotic (hyperchaotic) system based on fuzzy inference modeling

9.     The $Q$-conjugacy character table of dihedral groups

10.  $\alpha$-nilpotent  groups derived  from hypergroups with $\xi^*$-relation

11.  Combined effect of magnetism and roughness on a ferrofluid squeeze film in porous truncated conical plates: effect of variable boundary conditions

12.  On some properties of rough approximations of subrings via cosets

13.  On generalized zero-divisor graph associated with a commutative ring

14.  The fixed point of meromorphic solutions for difference Riccati equation

15.  Structure of $(w_{1},w_{2})$-tempered ultradistribution using short-time Fourier transform

16.  Partially blind signature scheme based on chaotic maps and factoring problems

17.  A study on pseudoorders in ordered $*$-semihypergroups

18.  Differential transformation method for solving high order fuzzy initial value problems

19.  Some properties of zero gradations on Samanta fuzzy topological spaces

20.  Mathematical analysis of an age-structured quarantine/isolation model

21.  Banach and Kannan contractions on $S$-metric space

22.  Fixed point theorems for one and two self-maps on a $G$-metric space

23.  Generalizations of prime ternary subsemimodules of ternary semimodules

24.  Impact of harvesting, noise and diffusion on the dynamics of a food chain model with ratio-dependent functional response III

25.  Characterizations of ordered semihypergroups based on ordered fuzzy points

26.  On topological effect algebras

27.  A certain new familiar class of univalent analytic functions with varying argument of coefficients involving convolution

28.  Special hoop algebras

29.  On some generating functions for the two-parameters one-variable Srivastava polynomials

30.  Some classes of invariant submanifolds of $(LCS)_n$-manifolds

31.  Haar wavelet collocation method for solving nonlinear Kuramoto--Sivashinsky equation

32.  Application of parameter optimization algorithm in digital architecture design

33.  Total and connected domination in chemical graphs

34.  The Borda rule comprehensive evaluation method based on spearman rank

35.  On subclass of meromorphic univalent functions defined by a linear operator associated with $\lambda$-generalized Hurwitz-Lerch zeta function and $q$-hypergeometric function

36.  The realization of radio frequency identification handset antenna based on internet of things

37.  Coupled fixed and coincidence point theorems for generalized contractions in metric spaces with a partial order

38.  On the $k$-normal elements and polynomials over finite fields

39.    Left almost polygroups

40.  On properties of various morphisms in the categories of general Krasner hypermodules

41.  A study on bijective soft hemirings

42.  On the Fibonacci numbers of the molecular graphs of some bent phenylenes

43.  Off-step discretization for  system of  nonlinear singular boundary value problems using variable mesh

44.  Some new results related to subgroup commutativity degrees and $p$-communtativity degrees of finite groups

45.  Chapman-Jouguet travelling wave for a two-steps reaction scheme

46.  Zariski topology for second subhypermodules

47.  The Hecke algebra $H(P_{\mathbb Q},P_{\mathbb Z})$ and its relation to the crossed product $H(P_{\mathbb Q}^{+},P_{\mathbb Z})\times_{\beta}\{1,-1\}$

48.  Some generalized sequence spaces of invariant means defined by ideal and modulus functions in $N$-normed spaces

49.  Parameter estimation for a class of diffusion process from discrete observation

50.  More properties of an operation on semi-generalized open sets

51.  Normal edge-transitive Cayley graphs whose order are a product of three primes

52.  A Bayesian method to fit an ARMA Model

53.  Rough soft $BCK$-algebras and their decision making

54.  Iso-arrays and conditional communication on $P$ system

55.  A high-order accuracy explicit difference scheme with branching stability for solving four-dimensional parabolic equations

56.  Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for generalized $(s,m,\varphi)$-preinvex Godunova-Levin functions

57.  Algebraic hyperstructures and social relations

58.  Note on relations among multiple zeta(-star) values

59.  Linear maps on $M_{n}(\mathbb{C})$ preserving inner local spectral radius zero

60.  An equivalent definition of a $\mathcal {C}$-group

61.  Study of extended  Weyl  $k$-fractional integral via Chebyshev inequalities

62.  Modification of accuracy estimation using stock market data

63.  Hyper quasi-MV algebras and ideals

64.  On an extension of the Dubins conditional probability axiomatic to coherent probability of fuzzy events

65.  Sandwich sets and congruences in completely inverse $AG^{**}$-groupoids

66.  Some generalization of subpullback flat