Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227

Issue n. 29-2012




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1.      A new predictor-corrector algorithm for SDP with polynomial convergence

2.      Pseudo-D-lattices and topologies generated by measures

3.      On injectivity of projection and separated projection algebras

4.      Quasi-permutation representations of some minimal non-abelian q-groups

5.      An analytical solution of fluid flow through narrowing systems

6.      On generalized Hilbert algebras

7.      mth Power symmetric n-sigraphs

8.      Common fixed point theorems for finite number of mappings without continuity and compatibility on uniformly convex Banach space

9.      Error locating codes dealing with repeated burst errors

10. M-injectivity in the category Act-S

11. On Köthe-Toeplitz duals of some new and generalized difference sequence spaces

12. Fuzzy hypervector spaces (redefined)

13. Sur les algèbres de Lie d'un système de champs de vecteurs permutables

14. C-essentialness and well-behavedness of C-injectivity in Act-S

15. Numbers in the n dimensional space

16. A radical property of hyperrings

17. Multi-objective decision making based on fuzzy events and their coherent (fuzzy) measures

18. The category of hyper S-acts

19. Maximal partial line spreads of PG(3; q), q even

20. Hv-Structures and the bar in questionnaires

21. Related fixed point theorem for six mappings on~three~modified intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces

22. Geometric equivalence between the Veblen and Desargues theorems and between the Pappus-Pascal and the "Three stars theorems"

23. Three representations of a hyperbolic quadric of PG(3; q) in AG(2; q)

24. Recognition of A10 and L4(4) by two special conjugacy class sizes

25. The groups of two classes of certain cyclically presented groups are essentially 3-generated

26. n-fold positive implicative hyper K-ideals