Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN 2239-0227


Issue n. 42-2019




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1.     Approximate approach for solving two points fuzzy boundary value problems

2.     On the sum of element orders of ${\rm PSL}(2, p)$ for some $p$

3.     The non-coprime graph of a finite group with respect to a subgroup

4.     Some fixed soft point theorems on a new soft topology related to a self soft mapping

5.     Semi-symmetry properties of the tangent bundle with a pseudo-Riemannian metric

6.     Absolutely self pure modules

7.     Cryptographic study of functional message using two chaotic models

8.     A note on bisections of graphs with girth at least 6

9.     Common fixed point theorems  for  generalized  contraction conditions involving rational expressions in complex valued metric spaces

10.  An iterative solution for a class of optimization problems

11.  Some fixed point theorems in complex valued $b$-metric spaces

12.  Fuzzy $H_{v}$-semigroups

13.  Derivations of rings and Banach algebras

14.  Coefficient estimates for a subclass of analytic functions using Faber polynomials

15.  Heptavalent symmetric graphs of order $12p$

16.  Existence result for a class of functional integral equations via the measure of non-compactness and applications

17.  Application of scaling group transformation on viscoelastic fluid with Cattaneo Christov heat flux model

18.  Schur convexity of generalized geometric Bonferroni mean involving three parameters

19.  On $TL$-fuzzy ideals and their $L$-fuzzy roughness in lattices

20.  A criterion of $p$-nilpotency of finite groups with some  weakly $s$-semiper\-mu\-table~ subgroups

21.  Co-small monoform modules

22.  ${p-[a,b]}$-paracompactness in bitopological spaces

23.  Hydrodynamic lubrication of a porous slider: shuns simplifying assumption of a small porous facing thickness

24.  An algorithm to compute the number of Rosenberg hypergroups of order less than $7$

25.  Certain notions of  single-valued neutrosophic $K$-algebras

26.  On  hyperconnected  spaces via $m$-structures

27.  A review on empirical mode decomposition in forecasting time series

28.  On the Diophantine equation $X^4+hY^3=Z^4+hW^3$

29.  Fuzzy congestion in data envelopment analysis

30.  On asymptotically lacunary statistical equivalent (Wijsman sense) set sequences via ideal and modulus function

31.  New types of soft ordered mappings via soft $\alpha$-open sets

32.  Forecasting earnings of firm's listed in ASE using ARIMA model

33.  Rough set theory applied to UP-algebras

34.  Some separation axioms using hereditary classes in generalized topological spaces

35.  Edge maximal non-bipartite Hamiltonian graphs without theta graphs of order 7

36.  Some Drazin invertible elements in Banach algebras and applications to operator equations solutions

37.  Recognizable iso-triangular picture languages

38.  $\Gamma$-convergence: an application to eigenvalue problems

39.  On connectedness of the Hausdorff fuzzy metric spaces

40.  A new criterion of optimization of the cross multipole coefficients in a modified surface stress operator for the elastic two-dimensional case}

41.  On certain properties of hyperbolically convex functions

42.  Fuzzy order relative to fuzzy $B$-algebras

43.  On counting by a pair of Fibonacci generated countable sets of irrationals

44.  A modified quasi-Newton methods for unconstrained optimization

45.  On some weak structures in intuitionistic fuzzy soft topological spaces

46.  On fuzzy soft compact and fuzzy soft locally compact spaces

47.  Fuzzy sets in fully UP-semigroups

48.  Effect of thermal diffusion and chemical reaction on MHD free convective flow past an infinite isothermal vertical plate with heat source

49.  Use of data  envelopment analysis for clustering of decision making units

50.  Numerical solution of cubic free undamped Duffing oscillator equation using continuous implicit hybrid method

51.  Mixed monotone property and tripled fixed point theorems in partially ordered bipolar-metric spaces

52.  An automorphism theorem on certain type B semigroups

53.  On hyper $Q$-fuzzy normal $HX$ subgroup, conjugate and its normal level

54.  The Crank-Nicolson-Galerkin FEM for a nonlocal parabolic system

55.  A multi criteria decision making method for cubic hesitant fuzzy sets based on Einstein operational laws

56.  Some classes of pure sub-acts over semi-groups

57.  On discrete time schemes for the problem of fibre suspension flows

58.  A note on a finite group with all non-nilpotent maximal subgroups being normal

59.  Existence of tube solution for a fractional initial value problem

60.  Z-quasi prime submodules and the Z-radicals of submodules

61.  A result on the  coupled  fixed point theorems in $C^*$-algebra valued $b$-metric spaces

62.  Tripolar fuzzy soft  ideals  and tripolar fuzzy soft interior ideals over semiring

63.  Urysohn lemma in semi-linear uniform spaces

64.  Upper and lower nearly $(I,J)$-continuous multifunctions

65.  Generalization of $T$-small submodules

66.  The elasticity of determinants life insurance demand in improving the efficiency of Jordanian life insurance companies

67.  Blow up of solution for the Kelvin-Voigt type wave equation with Balakrishnan-Taylor damping and acoustic boundary

68.  Unique fixed point results for pairs of mappings on complete metric spaces

69.  Generation of analytic semigroups by a pair of generalized  mixed linear regular ordinary differential operators with  interface condition

70.  Geometric results of Han-Banach theorem for functionals on weak hypervector spaces

71.  Projective curvature tensor on generalized $(k,\mu)$-space forms

72.  Characterizations of obstinate filters in semihoops

73.  Some subclasses of meromorphic multivalent functions involving a family of multiplier transforms

74.  Some types of filters and states on hyper NM-algebras

75.  Improved reverses Young type inequalities

76.  Structure of finite groups with two real conjugacy class sizes

77.  On normalizers of Sylow subgroups and $p$-nilpotency of finite groups

78.  Derivations and differential filters on semihoops

79.  Comparing study between simplex method and Lagrange method in a linear programming problem

80.  Hybrid-based mathematical method for enhancing the quantitative research

81.  Intellectual capital and effect on marketing performance an empirical study in Jordanian pharmaceutical industrial firms

82.  Modeling the volatility insurance time series data using Wavelet transform